Tuesday, May 8, 2012

[A May weekend in 10 photos.]

1. & 4. Spent part of Saturday afternoon at a fun festival at the National Cathedral. Was dying to ride the carousel, but didn't have a child to accompany me. Failed to realize until later that my height would have allowed me to pose as someone else's child.
2. & 3. Two of about 53248 photos of us trying on ridiculous hats (shoutout to bff Lauren, who visited DC for the weekend!). Hats may or may not have inspired the idea to throw a tea party, coming soon to a living room near you.
5. Candles in the National Cathedral. Light one for me, won't you please?
6. Spotted: neighborhood church sign promoting #churchtweets. Well, okay, if I must...
7. Belated birthday prezzies from Lauren! Basically, if you could assemble a still life of Milan, this would be it. Magnolia cupcakes, Laduree macarons, New York photography, and a Star Wars moleskin...it's like she knows me or something. 
8. Go out. Meet pretty boys. Receive roses. Become twitterpated. Next day brunch. Still twitterpated. Weekend ends. Boys -> Iceland. Girls -> normal life. check check check
9. My Seis de Mayo dinner party. Because celebrating Cinco de Mayo on the 5th is so 1862.
10. Making Mexican wedding cookies. Celebrating Mexican-ness and subtly promoting marriage? Done and done, thank you very much.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

[Priorities, mayne.]

I acknowledge that I have been failing at updating this thing lately. Basketball reasons. Also, busy being ridiculous.

See? Been busy.