Wednesday, September 26, 2012

[Twilight Polo.]

One lovely evening in July I attended a delightful twilight polo match with some of my nearest and dearest, Ren, Wendy, Rachel, and Grant. It was kind of a bizarre mix between upper crust lawn party and red neck BBQ, but the incredible Virginia mountain scenery more than made up for it. And really any excuse for a fine cheese, French bread, and sparkly juice picnic in the countryside is alright with me.

Let's be honest, this was all really just an excuse for a photo shoot. Luckily, I had a wonderfully willing accomplice in Wendy. She'll deny, deny, deny, but Wendy is a model and photo shoot director extraordinaire. Stay tuned for our next shoot, sure to involve gowns and graves. (Not actually kidding. Note how "cemeteries" is listed twice in the left sidebar. An accident -- WHY didn't anyone tell me until last month?! -- but telling nonetheless.)

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