Wednesday, August 22, 2012

[Moddison, by Milo Greene.]

Greetings. Resisted posting this up for Two Tunes Tuesday, since I've already posted Milo Greene twice there before, but can't resist on this lovely (super stressful-wanting to rip my hair out at work-hence this mental health blogging music break) Wednesday. Milo Greene has been a favorite for the last year, and recently they've been releasing music videos for the songs off their new album. In order, each video forms a part of a short film, "Moddison," which, so far at least, tells the story of a man enchanted by a lovely stranger, who suddenly disappears. 

I love a million things about these videos -- in true Milo Greene fashion, they're eloquent, poignant, haunting, nostalgic, understated... But one of my favorite things about these films is that they're filmed at Shaver Lake in California, where I went boating with friends and family every summer of my childhood. I know, guys, shocking -- she's spent time outdoors!! (Shout out to my Family Campers!)

Anyway, if you have the time, I totally recommend watching these lovely thingies. Or at least the first, which is probably my favorite. And I'd love to know if you like (not so much if you dislike, don't break my heart like that). Also, Milo Greene is currently on tour, and coming to this neck of the woods in late October. Let's go!!

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