Tuesday, August 7, 2012

[Two Tunes Tuesday: Mumford & Shearwater.]

New Mumford! New Mumford! New Mumford!
Kind of reminds me of Coldplay's "Kingdom Come".
And then let's have some Shearwater.

Meanwhile, I'm sickie in bed for the evening, apparently having swallowed ten flaming knives last night, or so it feels in my throat. Simultaneously developed what appears to be a case of mini hives all over my arms. Various opinions offered (from no medical professionals, of course): sun allergy, chlorine allergy, perfume allergy, grass allergy. Really, who knows from whence my baby bumpies have materialized, but if any of those suggestions are correct, I'm not ever meant to venture outdoors or get wet. Both things I generally try to avoid, so fine by me.

You like?


  1. Playing "I Will Wait" on repeat now.

  2. Loving the Mumford & Sons one. And I've decided you get sick way too often; maybe a little less partying and a little more sleep are in order, eh? ;)