Monday, August 27, 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012

[Cape Cod.]

Though my beloved Cape Cod seems to be best known for Taylor Swift - Kennedy clan liaisons these days, it is also the site of some of my most treasured family and summer memories. My parents first started spending a week or two on the Cape while they were in college in Boston, and the tradition has continued almost every summer since then. 

Those are the sibs, in all of their partially clothed glory. Below is Dad, making a deal happen even from the beach. Meanwhile, Mom, always the photographer, never the photographed, still valiantly keeps us sunscreened and Oreo-fed...

I wish I could take everyone I've ever loved with me to Cape Cod. The golden, sloping sand dunes, the quirky Provincetown shops, the evening summer league baseball games, the quiet, wooded cemetery from centuries long past... I admit that I'm sentimental to a fault, but I'd challenge even the hardest of hearts to deny the sweet and simple nostalgia of the Cape. 

In the classic words of Patti Page:

If you spend an evening, you'll want to stay / Watching the moonlight on Cape Cod Bay / You're sure to fall in love with old Cape Cod.

Until next year!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

[Moddison, by Milo Greene.]

Greetings. Resisted posting this up for Two Tunes Tuesday, since I've already posted Milo Greene twice there before, but can't resist on this lovely (super stressful-wanting to rip my hair out at work-hence this mental health blogging music break) Wednesday. Milo Greene has been a favorite for the last year, and recently they've been releasing music videos for the songs off their new album. In order, each video forms a part of a short film, "Moddison," which, so far at least, tells the story of a man enchanted by a lovely stranger, who suddenly disappears. 

I love a million things about these videos -- in true Milo Greene fashion, they're eloquent, poignant, haunting, nostalgic, understated... But one of my favorite things about these films is that they're filmed at Shaver Lake in California, where I went boating with friends and family every summer of my childhood. I know, guys, shocking -- she's spent time outdoors!! (Shout out to my Family Campers!)

Anyway, if you have the time, I totally recommend watching these lovely thingies. Or at least the first, which is probably my favorite. And I'd love to know if you like (not so much if you dislike, don't break my heart like that). Also, Milo Greene is currently on tour, and coming to this neck of the woods in late October. Let's go!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

[RyGos Coloring Book.]

THIS is what I love about this world. There is now in existence a Ryan Gosling coloring book, and that gives me hope for humanity.

Oh RyGos...I'll color in between your lines...

Stay tuned for my masterpieces.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

[Two Tunes Tuesday: Mumford & Shearwater.]

New Mumford! New Mumford! New Mumford!
Kind of reminds me of Coldplay's "Kingdom Come".
And then let's have some Shearwater.

Meanwhile, I'm sickie in bed for the evening, apparently having swallowed ten flaming knives last night, or so it feels in my throat. Simultaneously developed what appears to be a case of mini hives all over my arms. Various opinions offered (from no medical professionals, of course): sun allergy, chlorine allergy, perfume allergy, grass allergy. Really, who knows from whence my baby bumpies have materialized, but if any of those suggestions are correct, I'm not ever meant to venture outdoors or get wet. Both things I generally try to avoid, so fine by me.

You like?